About Us

A uniquely New Zealand company since its establishment in 2011, Alpha Rail has sought to increase the level of service and overall quality of the Overhead Line Electrification design and construction market. By offering a remarkably experienced and skilled service we continue to push thought barriers and be industry leaders in the rail technology and automation space largely unmatched in the current market.

“We know that if we work together small teams can do extraordinary things”.

Mark Goodman, Managing Director


Raise the Bar

As a team, we are committed to never standing still. Instead, we seek to step up, challenge ourselves, make things better, and grow always. We do this personally, as a team, and by the way we serve our customers.


Be Accountable

We know that we are in control, therefore we don’t make excuses. We agree to make decisions based on running tests and evidence. Plus, we always seek to track and own our numbers, so we can forever learn and improve.


Create Efficiency

We believe that time is our greatest gift. Therefore, we seek to use it wisely. This means we build systems for everything we do, we streamline and automate as much as we can, and we aim to simplify and reduce cost, wherever possible.


Achieve Together

We know that if we work together, small teams can do extraordinary things. Therefore, we contribute fully. Plus, we back and help one another. Then when we succeed, we celebrate together and we’re proud when teammates achieve their dreams.


Alpha Rail is committed to fostering an environment that supports the health, safety and wellbeing of our people, our clients, and our community. We aim to deliver quality products with maximised serviceable lifespans. Alpha Rail has worked hard to promote a culture that considers its own environmental impact during the full lifecycle of design and construction and endeavours to implement sustainable practices where the opportunity presents.

Join the Alpha Rail Team

We know that at Alpha Rail everyone has something to offer, and we value each person’s input and commitment to our collective achievements. Working with Alpha Rail will give you the opportunity to influence our exciting growth strategy as we work towards leaving an enduring mark on the New Zealand rail industry.

To view current opportunities refer to our LinkedIn page. Can’t see a job that matches your profile? Register your interest by sending your CV and Cover letter to admin@alpharail.co.nz


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