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In 2020 Alpha Rail set an objective to improve our OLE (Overhead Line Equipment) design delivery by transitioning to a greater level of BIM (Building Information Modeling). This allowed for increased productivity, reduction in waste, and increased the quality of a 3D, data rich, output. Having searched for a software that was user friendly and could be managed seamlessly by our design team the investment was made to move towards the LinearDraft software package.

The parametric design engine allows the team to switch between 2D & 3D on-the-fly. Speed up your workflow, reduce work effort and eliminate error. This provides a design package that contains critical asset management data and allows our designers to closely integrate and deconflict designs within a multi-disciplined project. As a result, our Engineers are freed up to focus on the complex and critical, not the simple.

Our Engineers are equipped to support the construction team on site whether they are in New Zealand, UK or Australia and can accommodate the usual design alterations such as repositioning of a masts and foundations within a short time. One adjustment within our model will automatically update all of the outputs such as cross sections, layout plans, switching cross sections and bonding plans. Previously within a 2D space, this update would take several hours and commonly could lead to errors and misalignments resulting in confusion and rework. With the integration of site software such as BIM 360 and NavisWorks, the design update can be pushed through to the site team in real time which minimizes disruption and increases quality of the output.

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As we move forward with the digital delivery our engineers have more time and availability to provide in the field support and assist the construction team with quality and assurance checks. As design continues to develop within the digital space the construction teams become more mature with completion paperwork such as as-builds, Inspection Test Plans (ITP), material certificates and check sheets. All the relevant information can be stored within our design model. All of this can be customized to suit each project and provides the end user and the owner with a model rich in asset data.

The benefits of delivery in 3D also allows for an improved clarity in design where previously drawings could become cluttered and saturated in standard 2D views. This subsequently results in a better understanding both on site and in presentation with our Clients, which is particularly beneficial in areas of complex OLE design such as junctions, stations and yards as examples. Our commitment to delivery in data rich 3D design delivery aligns with our ambition to adhere to the highest standards of BIM, with our sights set on incorporating both costs and asset lifecycle data into our models.

The ability to code our own project settings, unique to differing design ranges, again leads to a reduction in potential for errors by setting constraints in line with design limits based on both network and international standards. The metadata storage and export functionalities allow for an improved sense check capability and on Clients request we can also endeavour to import further key information aspects into our models such as installation dates, steelwork manufacturers, and foundation capacities, unique to each location.

Alpha Rail are also proudly capable of producing our own bespoke components and arrangements within the 3D space in line with any deviation from basic design. This again allows for clarity of design and basic functionality checks but means our designs are complete to a high standard of both quality and detail.

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OLE Surveys

Alpha Rail has a full capacity to plan and execute a range of surveying and inspection services for the Electrification contact system infrastructure. Ranging from condition dilapidation surveys to geometry data gathering, Height and Stagger measurement, Electrical clearances to full route infrastructure data gathering.

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Network Improvement

Whether it is a major station redevelopment, capacity increase, route line speed improvement, or Route Electrification Scheme, ALPHA RAIL have full layout and allocation design capacity to develop and deliver on major projects. from scoping, specific action, requirements management, and design delivery, applying safe design principles and a progressive approach to risk management and construction

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Feasibility and Optioneering

Alpha Rail employ experienced railway engineers with excellent domain knowledge in Electrification infrastructure. With this Knowledge, We can review scheme proposals and technically assess, evaluation and manage risk to support the decision-making process, undertake feasibility studies or support option selection.

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