Designing with a focus on the best operational outcomes

We aim to consistently deliver innovative railway designs that are safe to construct, operate and maintain. Our team’s expertise in OLE and traction power design is combined with a drive for continuous improvement to deliver great solutions.


Business Case Support

If you are in the process of capturing the reasoning for initiating a project and need specialist input from us on OLE or Traction power to support your business case, we can offer budgetary and high-level logistical planning.  Share with us your goals and objectives and we will work with you to develop parameters and supporting data, ready for communication to your intended audience.


Design Development

Depending on the phase of design required we’ll keep you on track! Our design development team has years of experience developing OLE and Traction power solutions that consider the full life cycle of the asset.  Our pragmatic approach to these specialised systems ensures that what we provide as a solution, considers technical parameters, constructability constraints and long-term maintenance and operations challenges. Our New Zealand based design team has extensive knowledge of the UK, Australian and New Zealand operating systems and will work alongside other rail disciplines and construction teams to seek out the best universal solutions.


As Built

As-builts provide a legacy of what was actually built, and so are imperative for future work or maintenance planning. Alpha Rail’s design team using 3D BIM OLE software can update their native 3D models with redline and survey data to provide the as-built situation of the installed or modified OLE infrastructure, in real time.  This data can be easily shared and extracted in the form of PDF or native drawings.  We are also able to support the production of 2D model/drawing updates if it is preferable to the Client or situation.



Our independent verification review process provides our clients with the confidence that the works have been completed in accordance with the specified requirements. Alpha Rail have extensive experience in undertaking this work both in an on-site or remote digital capacity, dependant on the outcomes of the level of construction monitoring required by the individual client or defined in by  the IPENZ Construction Monitoring assessment matrix.

The purpose of engaging us during the construction phase is to ensure that:

  • The design is being correctly interpreted.
  • The construction techniques are appropriate and do not reduce the effectiveness of the design.
  • The completed works are in accordance with the plans and specifications

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