Delivering Full Life Cycle Projects

Our focus is always on safety. Removing or reducing risk wherever possible, improving health & safety systems, maintaining high quality standards, and protecting our environment. Our robust management systems support our construction team to safely deliver projects without compromise.



Alpha Rail’s construction team have collectively delivered OLE rail projects both in New Zealand and in Australia and offer extensive traction knowledge on electrical and mechanical scopes.

Our construction expertise includes:

  • Comprehensive scheduling and programming
  • Maintenance Management
  • Initiation
  • Problem solving, trouble shooting and fault finding
  • Data collection, collation, deciphering and delivering recommendations
  • Fault analysis and rectification
  • Reactive and unplanned works
  • Emergency Response
  • On-site incident control

Engineering Support

Complementing our construction team is the availability of our highly experienced Design and Engineering team. Alpha Rail continues to support our clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects. With as-fitted support, design support, and on-call services during the installation, or supporting the testing and commissioning process.  We delight in seeing schemes delivered and commissioned and welcome opportunities to continue to support our clients.



Our construction team have a broad knowledge base and experience in the management and supervision of rail and track maintenance on traction and OLE assets.

Our maintenance expertise includes:

  • OLE Height and Stagger assessments and adjustments for maintenance tamping and minor works
  • Material failure analysis
  • Condition and asset assessments and reports
  • Dilapidation surveys and reports
  • Pantograph performance reviews and monitoring
  • Asset database production
  • Technical analysis for support of temporary speed restrictions or emergency works
  • Installation and acceptance documentation for new materials assets
  • Electrical clearance and access safety assessments against specifications and requirements
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fault response
  • Frequency based asset analysis
  • Asset recommendations


Our procurement team work closely with Alpha Rail’s construction team to offer our clients comprehensive technical skills.

Our comprehensive technical skills include:

  • Development of procurement programs to meet installations
  • Supply chain management and audits
  • Request for quotes detailed with specifications
  • Review offers and associated risks
  • Inspecting and auditing of materials
  • Managing sample checking and QA
  • Development of Lifetime Quality Records for traceability
  • Managing material stock and batch control

Testing & Commissioning

Alpha Rail has significant experience in the testing, commissioning, and system integration of new and modified installations providing our clients with the confidence that all our systems are designed, built, constructed and tested, so they can be operated according to the expectations of the rail asset owner.  

Our testing & commissioning expertise includes:

  • Producing and reviewing test plans
  • V model system integration
  • On site Testing and Commissioning by qualified personnel
  • Fault finding
  • Registered Electrical Inspector



Hi-rail Plant

Alpha Rail has the benefit of owning of 2 state of the art Hi Rail 360° EWPs, offering our clients a complete and comprehensive rail construction service.  

Our team can offer:

  • Experienced Hi Rail Vehicle operators
  • Competent Mobile Plant Controllers

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