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Depot Training Span

It is great to see our apprentices in the new training facility at Alpha Rails Copsey Pl Depot. The grand opening of the depot marks the start of a new and exciting chapter providing a valuable training space for our apprentice line mechanics and electricians..

Alpha Rail currently has 3 apprentice Line Mechanics/Electricians eager to learn from knowledgeable mentors. Our new in-house training & development program will utilise down time, preparing the apprentices for site work where tight schedules under BOL conditions mean that speed, accuracy and safety are of the essence.

Key OLE training areas include teaching the techniques of building cantilevers, wiring and registration. Equipping our apprentices with valuable knowledge and experience in a controlled environment at the training facility, is giving them the confidence to get in and get the job done.

Alpha Rail Managing Director Mark Goodman says that the development of the training space has been a vision of his for some time and he is proud of the team’s commitment in bringing it to fruition. There is an excitement at the Depot and an enthusiasm for this new capability that Alpha Rail can bring to the OLE market here in New Zealand.

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