Puhinui Station Interchange

Auckland Transport is upgrading the Puhinui Station to become a major bus and train interchange that will link Auckland to the Airport. Alpha Rail was engaged for the purpose of completing temporary works to allow for the installation of new Hollowcore bridge beams above the Up Main and the OLE transfer from existing structures to drop tubes under Puhinui Station Concourse Overbridge to enable the future addition of third and fourth Mains. Alpha Rail also carried out work to install earthing & bonding from the Primary Earthing Terminal to all exposed metalwork inside the OHEPZ on Puhinui Station.

The key works scope being undertaken by Alpha Rail includes:

  • Temporary OLE work – Replacing existing TTC mast with shorter mast on the Up Main.
  • Installation of 8 new drop tube supports from the bridge soffit for the Up, Down, Third and Fourth Mains.
  • Transfer the Up and Down Main wire from existing structures to drop tube under the bridge.
  • Removal of 2 existing OLE structures under the new Concourse overbridge.
  • Installation of guard conductors on Up, Down, Third and future Fourth Mains.
  • Installation of guard conductor extensions on Up, Down, Third and future Fourth Mains.
  • Installation of Primary Earthing Terminal cabinet and Earthing & Bonding.
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Earthing & Bonding and OLE



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