The Strand Crossover

This project is one of several wider network improvements that are required to enable the new City Rail Link (CRL) tunnel to operate effectively once opened, and the first to be constructed at one of the busiest locations on the network with over 380 trains per day commuting along this section of line. The key works involved the installation of new crossover points between the up and down main line at The Strand Station; realignment of the up main; a minor realignment of the down main; new overhead traction structures; and rearrangement of the signaling to match the new crossover.

Alpha Rail’s work scope involved managing the construction team delivering the new OLE installation. The install involved staging works to support the track install of a section with high radial load, maintaining a service into Britomart via the NIMT and replacement of normal overlap with two single point overlaps and a crossover.

Further work scope included:

  • Installation of 10 new traction masts
  • Installation of 4 signal masts
  • Installation of single point overlap
  • Installation of a new crossover.
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Auckland, NZ


OLE Engineering and Project Management


January 2019

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